Sundays around our place are the cornerstone of the week. We settle down, relax, worship, and spend time washing the schedule away. Today’s agenda is a little slower, more open ended. The only “must” would be church, but that’s not too hard to do. 🙂

I was thinking about time today, and really how little of it there seems to be. All around us are potential uprisings. The government shutdown is forcing EBT benefits offline, creating stress in families. Truckers in DC are gathering to protest upcoming bills that affect their rights (and violations to the Constitution in general). Even super storms are wiping across the planet, threatening most corners of the globe. I’m treasuring every peaceful moment I can experience today…every day, really.

Pastor was saying this morning that through men, things are possible. People can do great things, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We’ve heard this many, many times-but today somehow, it feels new again. The time we spend here is valuable. There is urgency in life. A push to do things. It shouldn’t be for us though, for advancement here. I’m thinking it has to be focused on others-helping to get them to the doorstep of God.

Disciples are made by what you do…so if we can get God involved in every situation we’re in, we’re setting up a powerful base to be a lifeline for others. Sort of like that airplane oxygen mask system. When they drop, fit yourself first, so you can help more people get their stuff together and be saved too. It feels like the drop is coming, so we better get ready!

Hoping you’re having a peaceful end to your weekend, wherever you call home! Be safe and have a wonderful night!


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