We took a trip to Tucson a little while back and took a sidetrip to the Saguaro National Park. It was really cool to see the gigantic cacti up close; but they paled in comparison to the petroglyphs on Signal Hill. These are supposed to be at least a thousand years old!

It’s really an amazing little place. There was not a soul in sight when we were there, it’s just a little hill of rock a few yards from a parking lot. What struck me as much as trying to find the designs on the rocks was the quiet in the area. It was still. Hot, sunny, and a little green-the rockpile just there in the middle of a plain. If the designs were messages to passerby, they would have definitely seen the hill as a kind of signpost. I wonder what they mean? (I guess that’s why they call it Signal Hill)

It gets me thinking about the stuff I take for granted. The things I figure will “always” be there. I don’t think about the wonders of the world as mine, they’re here for everybody-but they’re probably not as permanent as we think they are. Those biggies like the Eiffel tower and the colosseum in Rome, they’re significant of course. Built to last by architects for people to enjoy art. The petroglyphs though, they were carved by hands that were less refined. They were created not for aesthetics or appreciation, but for some sort of communication in an unknown language. I think that’s totally fascinating, especially considering the way we communicate today.

In the age of everyone saying exactly what they want to, when they want to, I really like the mystery behind the simple symbols. What do they mean? Who could read them? Were they messages about God? Maybe about the universe? The weather and the patterns of the seasons? Were the creators spiritual? Who really knows.

I appreciate their cryptic silence. No tweeting, beeping, chiming, or voices. Just the simplicity of silence and symbolism. I wish more things were like that still!

Hoping your Thursday is a good one! Travelling to see my mother in law for her 74th this weekend. 🙂 Have an awesome day!


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