My mother in law has a beautiful little garden. You’ll find the prettiest old fashioned flowers right under the persimmons. Every corner is filled with herbs, vegetables, citrus-something growing like crazy and just dripping with bounty. I don’t know how she does it! She tends it all seasons of the year and never wants help, even when she has to haul big bags of mulch and piles of leaves. This would be normal, but she’s 4’10” and a tiny, little powerhouse of a lady. :). I’m always trying to help her when I’m around, it’s an honor when she actually lets me!

This weekend she turns 74 and we’re having a nice visit with her. I treasure the times when we visit, it feels like home. (Even when I’m changing out ceiling fixtures and reprogramming the dreaded Rain-Bird-that’s a whole ‘nother post, look it up lol). I’m planning on a couple more days of trying to find ways to help out, and while I’m here, I’ll be taking lots of shots of her flowers…win-win!

This weekend I’m celebrating her, she’s a great lady and I’m blessed to have her in my life! Even when she insists on doing it all herself, I know God put me in her way to help her somehow. Hopefully she’ll give in and let me pick the last of the summer cucumbers I know she’s hiding behind the garage!

I hope your weekend is flying at you and is filled with cool things to do! Have a beauty of a Saturday and have an ice cream cone on a sunny stoop somewhere! Strawberry, of course!


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