Getting so inspired here in NorCal this past couple of days! There is definitely something different about the light up here in he fall…it’s a dusty, golden, slanting wonderland. I’ve taken a lot of shots and everywhere I turn I’m seeing more I’d like to capture. Those drops of light, the sparkles…I finding them all around, they’re my favorite mood to chase down.

They’re a little reminder of God’s love for us all. A message of hope that cuts though the regular light we’re so used to seeing. A little shot of grace in the day. 🙂

I’m feeling relaxed and totally blessed tonight…I’m thankful for the peace He’s given me over and over again. It’s like the cozy sweater on my day, feeling the love that never lets me down. I can’t wait to do a big upload and share them with you all!

I hope you’re having an awesome weekend, it’s only halfway through-so there’s lots of time left for more fun! Be well! Much love to you and your fam!


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