fall day 1-imp

Yesterday I was reminded about the power of God’s callings. No, don’t freak out, nothing was life threatening! Just a big ‘old pile of confirmation thrown in my lap. I was thinking of the quote I heard somewhere long ago, but a gentleman who sent me a like yesterday reminded me again about it:

“God doesn’t just call the ready, He equips those whom He calls.”

Simple. Direct. True.

When He called me to capture images to help people get to know Him better, I’d been a photographer my whole life. It wasn’t a skill I really put first, it was more of an obligatory thing. You see, my dad was one. I grew up with a camera in my hand, but didn’t formally study process till adulthood. I had to help him with his work. He did it for a sideline, to make ends meet. Developing pictures in the basement darkroom of houses that were for sale for the local realty office and the newspaper. Taking wedding pictures almost every Saturday for folks. Maintaining and working on a pile (a huge pile!) of old Japanese cameras and flashes. (His “day” job was selling cameras at a local store-so he picked them up on sale!) Their brass was showing, they’d had lots of use-but each had its own eye. Each was specially suited for a different kind of shot, so they stayed in rotation.

All of that didn’t give me an eye for finding the good stuff inside things. It helped, but it wasn’t the key to what’s happening now…God is. Get on to the confirmation bit you say? OK. Here it is.

Yesterday I spent all day attempting to take pictures of a PB & J sandwich. Yes. Like 10 hours. Different plates, lighting, angles. It was technical. It essentially was a lost cause. No matter how much “fixing” I did to these sandwich shots, they just looked dead. I don’t like any of them! (R got a stomach ache from eating like 10 sandwiches! It was a labor of love, he says…)

I’ve become used to His guidance. When I shoot normally, right away everything falls into place. It’s painfully evident that it was already set up, all I have to do it capture it. The “work” has already been done for me. My eye has become dialed down in such a way that all the other stuff fades away, and voila! The inner spirit is right there. I guess “it’s” not in a PB & J so much…LOL.

I could never do this. He makes me able to. When His hand is there, my heart identifies with the thing He’s trying to say. Everything is washed away, and then the message comes forward. It’s definitely His doing, His calling, His game plan. I’m honored and humbled to have this gift. I’ll keep at it until He tells me otherwise…the book, the first one, is done. Ready to be published, I’m now just looking for the right one to bring it to those who need it most. 🙂

All in all, I know a couple more things about taking better shots…but the knowledge didn’t come from classes or books. It didn’t come from fancy equipment. It came from His quiet guidance, and his ability to make me able to do what He called me to. I’m not “good” at this thing, He is. It’s Him through me that’s the good in this situation. That’s the most powerful thing that’s ever touched my life and I’m so thankful today!

I hope you are at peace today, wherever you call home…the weekend it almost here and I bet you’ve got some fun planned with those you adore! Enjoy!
Much love to you and your fam 🙂


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