It has been a BUSY couple of days around here!

We’re having a revival this week at church with a pastor from South Africa, Cecil Peasley. I hadn’t heard him before last night, but he is definitely one who puts it “on the table”-if you know what I mean. Honesty seems to really be the forefront of any evangelist who comes out of or has been to Africa for a time. I think it’s the circumstance there, the desperate need not only for God, but for everyday peace in life that rings so true in their voices.

One thing really grabbed me last night. Pastor Peasley was saying that Genesis was “the” book that most non-believers and anti-Christians have the most problem with. They won’t identify with it because they don’t agree with creation, the establishment of the covenant of marriage, and the fall of man from grace. (among other things, but these are the biggies)

Maybe this would mean that they would have to be truthful with how they see things. How their lives are driven. They’d find that they were on the “wrong” side of the fence. Their population in the world is now “the norm” and they make Christians appear to be on the “outside”, so this would wreck their point of view pretty badly. Being an outcast is not the most comfortable place to be, so they’d rather avoid it and just put believers in that space. Flip the tables. Works for them.

Among a lot of good things, he went on to say that:

“The world is designed to destroy your faith. It has NOTHING for you! Protect your faith at all costs!”

Yes. He’s absolutely dead right. If we haven’t set an anchor in something solid, if we don’t have a rock to stand on when the tides come in, if we don’t have a place to go when our hearts are broken-where are we? You just gotta go to God. Neiman Marcus doesn’t sell it. Hummer doesn’t build it. WholeFoods doesn’t grow it for you.

All things that are worth something in this life come from one source. God. Everything can be a blessing and a lesson. Whether we understand it or the timing it comes in, we just have to have faith that it will come. I like those odds. πŸ™‚

I also just heard yesterday that I did get a spot doing some product shots for eHow! πŸ™‚ I’m pretty psyched up about it, but now the reality is setting in. There’s a bit of lighting to work on here. My new place lacks that beautiful light my last couple of spaces did. No worries though, gonna find a solution and power on! It’s definitely a blessing to me to get the gig and I’m thankful for sure. I am for sure blessed in more ways than I can count, it all goes right back to Him.

I hope that you’re home and relaxed by a fireplace somewhere tonight! The weather is changing and it’s getting dark so early now…dig out those sweaters and settle in!
Much love to you and your fam!


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