Pies. One disaster, one triumph. I guess those are ok odds, lol. I’m attempting to shoot just 4 key shots of a Chess pie, a super old fashioned Southern pie. I thought, piece of…hmmm, cake. This pie is notoriously simple. It’s basically sugar, sugar, butter, and well, sugar. Being Southernish myself, I’ve made them in the past, but never had to go for perfection, so this was a challenging day.

It seems you can try, but you can’t get “fancy” with the ingredients. Tried that. Ugly and waaaay too brown. (First pie) Once I gave up and used the basics, the stuff you have lying around in the recesses of your cupboard, perfection! I can hear my grandmother saying (while she looks up from her bridge game, with squinty eyes), “what you tryin’ to do over there? Go sit yonder on that stool and let me fix it…” . (She had a Texan accent, don’t forget to add that, lol)

It got me thinking about life. It’s kind of like making that pie. You can stress out, spend a lot of time and energy trying to make it what you envision will be great or you can just follow the simple recipe and just enjoy the free time and a great piece of pie.

God works that way, too. We have all these ideas about what we want in life, how it should be. We expect Him to bless us like how we imagine and in our time frame. Thing is though, we can spend a lot of time being disappointed and felling like He forgot us when we think that way. We have limited vision when it comes to grace and blessings. Totally not our fault, we’re human. I’m figuring out that it’s only when I totally let go and “open” my eyes that I see all the scope of His blessing in my life. That I become aware of just how much of it He’s touched. (And fixed)

I’m flipping my POV to consider not what I’m missing in the everyday to what I’ve already got right in front of me. If I’ve already got all the “raw” materials, what can I create from them that will end up glorifying Him? How can I assemble all those blessings into a testament to His never ending influence in my life? Maybe when I strip away all the influence of what I think it should be, or how it should happen-that’s when his light will be allowed to fully shine through me to help others. šŸ™‚

Actually, I’m glad I made some pies today after all!

Wishing you and yours a totally awesome Wednesday-whatever you’re up to! I know a killer pie recipe in case you have nothing better to do… šŸ˜‰


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