We ended up today at the bluffs over the ocean. Fall is definitely here. The light fades so quickly and the ocean was just gleaming. The migration of the monarchs found a few strays passing some time here, soaring on the thermoclines up and down the cliffside.

It’s really hard to capture them sitting still, they darted and soared like feathers on the wind. I liked the way this one’s silhouette stood out in the fading light. It reminded me of the evening prayers that floated up from little kids at the summer camp I went to decades ago.

We’d all head down in silence to the river, shuffling down the damp sand to an old knoll every evening. The deepening light of day hanging deep on the shoulders of the afternoon helped us to make it there without lights. Our freckled and sunburned faces still warm from the day of learning to canoe and windsurf, we gathered to end the day with peace. The evening prayers were led by the camp Pastor and finished with a candle set adrift on the glassy stillness of the dark water. Tiny lights winking in the darkness. Twinkling dreams and thoughts for the times just passed and the ones that lie ahead.

The monarch is a little like that. A bit of hope, something you strain to see. Something impossible to catch; even if you could, it seems wrong to. Like prayers, some things are best left to the wind. Left wild and free. Allowed to float up and be sent to God. Enjoyed for a moment and appreciated.

I hope this weekend is finding you discovering all kinds of cool stuff, wherever you live. Much love and peace to you tonight! Be well and God bless you and your family.


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