I was really inspired this morning when I read the article about Natalie Lewis. (click the orange link above to see the whole article)  

I can totally identify with her story, because mine began in a sort of similar way.  I started running to escape a not so great marriage to someone who’d rather drink than be a part of a family.  Even though we never had kids (and thankfully I’ve remarried to a WONDERFUL man) I kept running.  In the beginning, like Natalie, it was something I did reluctantly-but knew deep down in there- somehow it was good for me.  Not just my body, but my spirit.

I still run, logging more than 110+ miles on my Nike+ last month.  I do it though now for fun, for fitness, just because I still can.  I won’t be whining about it, no way.  Now that I’ve seen what Natalie can do, I have no excuses!  You gotta keep keepin’ on, that’s for sure.  Her accolades are many, but I love that her spirit is humble.  She’s not boasting about her achievements, she just lived them.  They were the stepping stones of her life. That is a cool way to be, in my book.

I hope that if I make it to 80, I’m still bringing it to the table everyday like she is!  

By the way, the stairs they’re talking about that she does 20X a morning, they are NO JOKE.  If you’ve ever done them (the wooden ones) you’ll do it one up and one down and wish you hadn’t the next day… 🙂

Be well and run on!  have a great week running, ya’ll!




  1. Inspiring…!


    1. I thought so, too! Have a great week!


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