Simplicity. Chocolate chip cookies and milk. Lemon smiles on your glass of iced tea. The waves lapping on the side of the boat as you sit, still as a statue-waiting to see the fireflies rise from the damp summer grass on the shore of the lake. All no-brainers. Everything stripped down to the most basic goodness, complex and authentic all at once, despite their simplicity.

I think the change of day, the change of seasons has renewed my appreciation for those little things that make life special. The day fades so early now, it gets me nostalgic for the lights of the holiday season. We don’t celebrate the “commercial” side of Christmas, but I still love to see the warm glow of the lights that pierce the night. The sparkle. They seem to represent warmth and hospitality. Sharing. That people care about each other.

I know the commercial end of the holidays has nothing to do with all of that, it mimics it, but it isn’t “it”. I don’t know where it all went so wrong, but I wish that the world could get back to the heart of the matter. The simplicity of the meaning behind it all. The celebration of the gift God gave us. The priceless gift of salvation.

This weekend we’re taking a road trip. It’s really been too long since we just got in the car, took a ride, and ended up wherever. I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to watching the sunset with my main squeeze…nothing but that moment on the horizon. That’s simplicity worth holding out for. 🙂

I hope you’re having an awesome week! Much love to you and your family, Wednesday is on the horizon, so we’re halfway through!


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