Flyin’ through the week! It’s been a wild one around here. I started a “new” workout program that had the beginning of the week going bananas. (This was R’s idea…not mine!) “Shaking” it up a bit does seem to help get the stuff working together in a new way, I’ll give it that. I’m sore, but actually, I think I’m less flabby in the upper body than a few days ago. LOL, maybe once the swelling goes down, I’ll be back to my old flabby self and I can relax again!

I’ve also been working a lot on paperwork and getting my portfolio website up and going. It’s a lot of good stuff, but I’m really ready for some R & R 🙂 … so I hope the weekend hurries up!

Even though it seems like madness all around here this week, I’m feeling very blessed in a million ways right now. I know God is continuing to guide me on this journey through it all. He’s right here, pulling me through the distractions to the door. I so appreciate that. Without the compass He gives me, I don’t think I’d make it very far in this life!

I hope that wherever you are this moment, you’ve had sometime today to say “I love you” to not only yourself, but someone close to you. Sending you much love and an evening filled with peace.
Until tomorrow!

I’m listening to Peter White right now, thought you might like a moment through my ears. 🙂


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