Especially today I’m thinking of everyone who’s out there, in the armed forces and connected to them today. It’s a tight line to walk, serving and being in a family who’s members are enlisted. There are lots of stressful jobs out there; but I can’t think of many others that combine that stress with the pressure of saving a way of life. My hand is in the air for you all today!

My grandfathers were both in the military. One a Marine, the other an Air Force Chaplain. I don’t know much about what they did on duty, I was just a little kid and they’d already retired by the time I was born. Growing up in the 80’s we enjoyed such a span of “peace” time. Kids now don’t have that luxury. It’s in your face, even if you’re not connected with the military. I hope they can come to understand the sacrifices that are made to preserve the lives they lead today.

Even though I don’t think war and killing bring peace in ANY way, it doesn’t stop the machine that’s already running. What I do believe is that the men and women, sons and daughters-everyone who signs on for the job is a hero. Proud to serve, and I thank them for everything they are. May God bless them all, bring them home safe, and bring them some peace in their day-wherever on this planet they are. The lights are on, come on home!

May you and your family have a wonderful start to the new week as well! Take care and keep that smile on, I can feel you crackin’ one right now! Much love to you and yours!

The flags in the featured shots flew at the National Cemetery on Veteran’s Day. Held aloft by Vietnam Vets, 50 in total…it was quite a sight to behold!

glory wide


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