Today was a marathon. Not on the road. Sewing. (Among other things) I’m so glad it’s over!


There are a lot of names for them. Simple (seemingly simple! It’s a lie I tell you!) little round head coverings worn by Orthodox and Conservative Jewish men. Also one of my current photoshoot assignments.

Working on a deadline is a double edged sword. Good in that I have to get it done. Bad in that I sometimes run into snags and time slips by untangling them. Yarmulke has been a snag.

See, I have to follow a set of specs to do the shots. The specs come already done, I just recreate what they require and shoot it. Sounds simple. It should be…

Yarmulke’s pattern was a bust. It didn’t work, no matter what fabric I used. I cheated and added interfacing to stiffen it. No dice. I spent the better part of yesterday and about 7 hours today getting that right. I followed theirs for awhile, and eventually something told me to relax and let my inner problem solver go at it.

Long story short, this whole experience reminded me of how I used to do things before I let God take my hand. I’d struggle, persevere, work at it…usually making it harder than it needed to be. Eventually I’d get done. Sometimes the effort was worth it, but I can’t remember many times it was.

Life now is a lot different with Him driving the car. I won’t say there aren’t struggles. Hurdles even. Life is a bowl of gorgeous peaches, but I tell you what, there are a lot less pits!

Those little Kippot are done. Done enough to take that beauty shot. There are a few blemishes, but if you don’t look too close, overall they’re on the right track. Hey, that’s kinda like me, I’m still a work in progress, got a lot of rough spots-but I know the artist. He’s a star, so I know I’ll turn out allright in the end!

I hope your week is going well, hump day is upon us and then it’s an easy downhill slide to the weekend! Be well and stay safe!
Much love to you an your family!


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