We all have our challenges. Some are easier to cope with and overcome than others. A stubborn few may be kind of life long struggles that we push through, and despite our best efforts, never truly overcome.

I was thinking tonight of the holidays, and how families gather together (most of the time) and celebrate. Some celebrate the passage of another year, a season. Some celebrate just being together. However your family celebrates is special.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have that luxury. Members of the family may have passed away, become estranged, or even totally disconnected from each other. Some may have followed different pathways, had different goals. People can suffer because of this, become filled with guilt and sadness. There’s no deeper hurt than feeling unwanted. Some leave this world feeling unloved.

Fortunately, NOBODY has to feel that loss. Jesus told us that God is not only His father, but OUR Father. He cares for us. Each and every one of us-He loves you and me. Even if your earthly family doesn’t, don’t lose heart. God holds you in His hand. He not only can give us all belonging in His family, but sustenance and purpose in this life. (That’s truly grace!)

If you’re feeling low tonight, lost this holiday season-take heart! Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Claim the identity as the loved child of God that you are and talk with Him. Give it all to Him and move forward. Ahead into the everything He has for you. The wonderful life you were destined to have!

I know this video is probably old news, but it was new to me tonight. Dick Hoyt and his son Rick have been running marathons, doing Ironman, and getting out on the road together for awhile now. Rick was born with cerebal palsy and has limited movement, but not limited intelligence. He told his dad awhile back that the only time he felt better was when he was running with his dad. That spawned a powerful link, a togetherness that the two share. A way to connect beyond the “normal” channels. Dick provides the muscle and Rick the inspiration. This is truly a phenomenal story about how a father can love a son. (There are lots more videos on Team Hoyt if you want more background 🙂 )

That’s what God has for us. A phenomenal and undying love. A supernatural connection. One that can never be broken.

That feels really good to me about now…it’s been a tough week!

I hope that each and every one of you has an awesome end to your week! Thursday is almost here…and we know what comes after that! Weekend come on, I’m ready for ya!

Be well, be blessed and stay safe. Much love to you and yours, wherever you be!


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