Finally! Work for “this” week is in the can…I’m already planning on next week. It’s good to stop, sit a spell and get ready for the weekend!

What makes it even better is that R is coming home tonight, a day early. I’m so glad! It’s been a wild one this week and I need a hug. 🙂

I heard something in service last night that won’t let me go. Pastor was saying that if you think of it, every single thing we do, (in life and in our jobs) God prepares us for. Uniquely He readies us to rise to the challenges with talent, stamina, wisdom, and skill. I don’t think about it like that often, but I’ve been mulling it around all day. Nothing we do is something we’re not equipped to deal with in some way. Sometimes it kind of gets taken for granted, or you assume everybody does what you do. (Cause it’s easy. Not so! You got skills, yo!)

Hey, sometimes it feels weird. Like when I try something new. Nerves pop in there and it kinda freaks me out. After that initial adjustment wears off, things seem easier. Sort of reminds me of when you don’t know the way somewhere. It feels like it takes FOREVER to get there, but coming back it’s like super quick. I suppose that’s how tackling the challenges life throws in there is…after awhile, we’re ready for the next one. I’m on the crest of the wave this evening, I made it through and I’m ridin’ it to shore. That feels awesome!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your Thursday evening! It’s rainy and cool here, seems like good weather to curl up with someone and watch a good movie…have a great night and talk with you tomorrow!


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