On Queue


I was in line this afternoon at Ross. I know, big deal. Usually the line there is long and uneventful, but today, oh no. Today was no ordinary wait!

I was in the middle of four ladies who didn’t know each other well, but got into a pretty positive conversation together. I’m holding my place in line, minding my business, and the lady two in front of me calls back to another two behind me.

“C’mon up here, Vera! Wait with me.” Vera calls back, “Oh but no, you want me to start a riot up in here? People will FREAK out if I do that!”

The ladies in between, including me, laugh and look at each other while we wait. A conversation between strangers starts up about the craziness of the holiday season and spending money-how it really is all about perspective. About where you put your focus.

One lady commented the money was really just something meant to be shared-just like having courtesy to people around you. Nobody should worry about money much, ’cause it’s just something temporary-it’s meant to leave you. Someone chimed in that keeping your heart in the game helps to keep you on the right track. Another mentioned something about knowing when you’re thinking of the meaning of the season, it’s not about “us”. We all agreed that we’d come up with some sage wisdom. We laughed, everyone was smiling, and the line seemed to stop moving long enough for us to all get a word in. The lady directly in front of me turned and said, “you know, talking with you all and laughing really made my day! I can go on through the weekend now, I’m ready!”

More conversation happened, more laughter, more smiles-until we were all gone our separate ways. It’s funny, the whole thing wasn’t awkward in any way. It felt natural, normal to chat with them. When it wound up and was over, it really got me thinking of how she was right. It’s a nice feeling to have a positive experience in a normally tedious situation. It was a day brightener to see the other side of the holiday season. One not bent on getting everything you want, everything you can.

What life is all about is communication. I’m gad I had to wait in line today at Ross! I’m gonna keep that conversation, that feeling of goodwill from people I didn’t even know, with me this holiday season…you know what, it made my day too!

I hope that the week was productive and that you’re all ready for whatever comes your way this weekend! Have fun and stay safe, ’cause life is sweet-all you gotta do is take a minute to taste it.

Much love to you and your family this Friday evening!


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