Petrol Guy

Petrol Guy

Normally gas stations are two things in my area. Packed and wait in line forever, or once you’re there, you’re immediately approached by people who need some help. I’ve seen lots of weird things at gas stations. People have tried to sell me bedsheets, fix all the chips in my paint job and windshield, panhandled me for all my “spare change only” (they only wanted coins…), you name it. I always wonder whats gonna come up next!

Yesterday I got gas in Malibu, and once I got around to the side of the car, immediately a voice calls out.

“Excuse me, can you help me with the petrol?” (Yes, total British accent)

Yes! A nice change of pace! I never thought about the differences between petrol stations and our gas stations. Good thing I did take a second to help, he was ready to put DIESEL in his Chevy! That would’ve been a day wrecker for sure.

I took a minute to look at him. Newlywed. Young, mid twenties. Shiny ring on his finger. Bright red hair and lots of freckles. Exuberant smile. Traveling here on his honeymoon, his bride waiting patiently in the car, checking a map. It made me smile…R and I took a huge trip to Europe when we were first together. Those are some of the best memories of my life!

We didn’t talk much except about the gas of course, but all of these things were obvious (or I have a really great imagination, LOL) “Cheers!” He tells me and gets to gassing up.

While I’m doing the same thing, I can’t help but smile. Not because I helped someone, but because I was thinking of the horizons they’re poised to share together. A new life of sunrises and sunsets to share together. Experiences to share. A life to build together. Figuring out how to live with each other, but enjoying every “new” thing. Together. I wish them every single happiness and adventure they can find in this life!

I know that God puts people together. He knows what each person needs and He moves situations around to make it happen. I don’t have regrets about all that came before meeting R. Lessons and trials are just shadows from another chapter in my life now. They made me who I am, and him who he is-but after all is said and done, we’re living in the present now. We got together in such a random way, I know that God pulled some major strings to make that a reality. I’m so thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY for that intervention, and for having R in my life. He makes everything and every day new!

I’m feeling especially at peace this afternoon. All is right in this corner of the world, and I hope that yours is just the same! Be well and be blessed!

Much love to you and your family as you head into the wide open weekend! Happy Friday-it finally arrived! 🙂


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