Music is such a huge part of my life. I don’t know what I did before the iPod was invented…actually, I do, LOL. I remember boxes of cassette tapes flying around under the seats in my car. Tapes so well played and rewound and played some more (before the days of auto FF! Rem that?) that the sound was just a hiss in places. My pink Sony Walkman…cassette and AM/FM radio in there. A Sharp “boombox” with an ANTENNA for the radio (that you had to dial to get a station) Before that it was a pile of 45 records and a little player. Even earlier, I remember hearing the radio or stereo playing while my mom did just about everything. Singing from the backseat in the car on the way to mom-mom’s. (I still sing in the car, BTW. R loves this 😉 )

I’m listening to “Operator” by Jim Croce. Before that it was “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”. Sigh. When I was a kid, I’d sing these same songs, but have no idea what the lyrics really meant. No world experience. Now when I listen to them, new life experiences (since the 70’s) crash into that old memory thing. It’s kind of cool. I notice things about the music. The talent that’s in there. The actual skill, the music. God gives all kinds of gifts to people. It’s how we use them that affects the outcome. Not of just the art, but of the person.

Do all of these musicians pass on before their time because it’s their time, or is it because of their choices? Kinda makes me think. I know that the industry as a whole is now really caught up in some darkness. I think it’s where the artist takes the talent and who they surround themselves with that will ultimately determine which way they fly. There are SO many super talents out there…I’m not one to focus solely on non-secular music to make it through the day.

Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of secular artists that I wouldn’t listen to, I’m very selective. On the flipside, there are TONS of non-secular (“Christian”) artists who aren’t focused the right way, and they’ll admit it. I pretty much avoid “God” pop. In my life, I need praise and Gospel, true praise and Gospel music to fill that space.

I don’t believe that God would gift some of these artists with the awesome talent they have if He didn’t want everyone (both Christian and Non) to be enlightened by it. He uses everyone to help everyone else. Not just a single pathway will touch and reach every kind of person. (Else everyone would be a clone of the other…He made us each special!)

I’m not apologizing for or justifying my music choices. What I am saying is that, He gives us each unshakeable faith. When you’re living with Him in the driver’s seat, you’re a capable Christian that can make decisions based on what He’s taught you. That’s part of being a mature Christian. When you make a decision, if it doesn’t keep His (and His for you) best interests in mind, just skip it. That’s the power in CHOICE. 🙂 Move on and find something better…that’s what God wants for us all. Something better. Something more.

I love that feeling…the anticipation that the best is truly yet to come! Amen!

I’m loving that Tuesday is almost in the can! Sliding down the backside of the day, I hope that wherever you’re calling home that things are settling down so you can roost in peace. 🙂
Much love to you and the fam, wherever life finds you today! Be well and be blessed!

Here’s one from Adele. She’s one of the most authentic voices I’ve ever heard…I love her honesty. She’s part of my life playlist, for sure. 🙂



  1. One of Annabel’s favorits artists. 🙂 have an awesome day Jam on!!!


    1. Rock on! Don’t even get me started on Adele…LOVE her. Seal, Stevie Wonder…Earth Wind & Fire…the list is pretty huge. LOL, there aren’t enough hours in the day!


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