I don’t know about anybody else, but i”m usually looking for new ways to enjoy things around me without spending a lot of money. It’s a challenge! There’s usually a cost. Admission, fuel, time…

Recently I’ve really been into just watching what’s going on. (and drinking a lot of coffee while I do it, LOL!) Being a photographer gives me an eye for observation…so I get some daily practice wherever I am. It wasn’t really until I started “applying” that skill to everyday life that I think I found something cool. Not in a creepy way, just opening my eyes and ears, well, all my senses-to the world. Seeing what I see, so to speak. It’s amazing how much I’ve missed over the years hurrying from one place to another-searching for that “thing” I was looking for. I don’t know if I ever found “it”, but I know now that I’m on the healing track, ’cause I just don’t care about the trends anymore. I’m skipping “chasing” someone else’s dream for me.

I’m enjoying seeing with eyes wide open this past few turns of the calendar. I know that God had (and has) a lot to work to do on me, but now I get the feeling He wants me to fly. He’s trusting me to spread my wings, and with His guidance, I’m gonna just do it!

I’m learning…but instead of trying to jump the learning curve, I’m hanging in there and seeing what’s around the bend. The confidence He gives me to keep on keepin’ on is my fuel, for sure. I know you know just what I’m talking about! 🙂

Hoping your Friday was a slice of fun and that you’re relaxed and settled in for the last weekend of mayhem before the holidays! Be careful driving (I was out there, it’s bananas on the road…) and bake me a cookie…I’ll enjoy it long distance with you!

Much love to you and the fam tonight, talk with you tomorrow!


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