What an interesting day it shaping up to be…we’ve been planning that holiday dinner, and my MIL figured out what she’d like to try, so we headed to the market.

After doing our shopping, we kept switching checkouts to find the best one. First, we mistakenly pulled into the express (had way too much for that!) but got into one that seemed ok eventually. While waiting we were arguing about who was going to pay, I wanted to- she’s trying to…I even told the cashier to only let me pay. She laughed. In the blink of an eye though, it got weird.

The cashier started walking away, the manager came, and before you know it- both of us were holding the cashier up from hitting the floor! She was in diabetic shock and passing out. We got her over to a chair and held onto her, while she was lapsing in and out of consciousness. The chair was rolling and had no arms and a swivel seat. That was rough. The manager was on one side holding her still, me on the other. I got the kid behind the counter to call 911, sent another to the pharmacy for a wheelchair and some glucose and we waited.

After getting some glucose in her, she began to come back, but was still not able to really sit up. I tried to convince her to stay put, but the poor lady was really determined to not put us out and get back to work! Thankfully, her manager said, “you are gonna stay right here”, and that got her settled a bit. She was tenacious and apologetic. I felt for her-I really hope that she gets her blood sugar straightened out. Everyone who works there was saying this happens often to her. I’m praying that God will help her manage her diabetes and also keep her job. That He takes away her fear and helps her cope with it, with confidence.

She could have been really hurt if she’d fallen and hit her head. What if her manager hadn’t known it was going to happen and he wasn’t right there? Lots of other outcomes for sure. I’m just glad God put me in that line and I was able to help. That long ago I got through nursing school and knew how to help. Really, that He gave me a level head for emergencies. When I need it most, I’ve always been able to calm down, think rationally, and direct the action that needs to be taken. His grace, that’s why it all stems from-and I’m so thankful He helps me help people!

The paramedics came, and I left her in capable hands. I’m just glad she’s ok!

Now I’m back tot “regular” part of my day, but she’s still on my mind. Think I’ll be thinking of her often from now on! May god bless her and her fam.

Hoping your day has been smooth sailing! I’m thinking of you, too-hoping you and yours are well and loving life!
Take care, much love to you and everyone in your nest. Talk to you tomorrow!


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