We just watched “The Butler”. What strikes me most about it, isn’t just remembering the events that happened in the civil rights movement from my childhood, but the fact that as a society-we still have a long way to go.

I was a kid then, I didn’t have exactly the issues the African-Americans had, but I had issues. I was the only half Asian kid in my town. My dad was the only “Chinese” guy in town. (He was actually Korean. They couldn’t get that right!) I had my fair share of teasing, name calling, everything along those lines. I didn’t let it bother me, but that’s me. I had a vision. My eyes set on bigger things to worry about. Medical school and moving on. I made friends with everyone, regardless of the narrow thinking of some.

If I had been the age I am now, back in the 60’s, where would I have sat? I wasn’t white for sure. I wasn’t colored either. That makes a kind of no-man’s land for all the rest of us. What happened to the “melting pot” here in America? Isn’t everybody half or a third or even a quarter of another race and even so, why does that matter? Why can’t people in this country just get over their racial issues (some long held!) and get on with the business of banding together to make this country and world a better place to be? (It’s getting LATE in the game here!)

Near the end of the movie, there was some dialogue about how even though there have been changes, America really has spent 200 years in a concentration camp state. I totally agree. “Freedom” really isn’t “free”. Not everyone is experiencing the same degree of it, even right here in the states. The African-American culture has suffered greatly over the course of the formation of this nation. The other cultures have as well. Native American Indians, the Japanese Americans…when push comes to shove, equal is a subjective term, used most often out of context to fit someone’s personal agenda. It loses all validity in the scope of the big picture.

How can any society expect to move on when they’re still stuck in the past? When we still base pay on gender and race, not qualification or valuable experience? When we hire and fire based on personal preference instead of performance. When business use and abuse employees based on their monetary bottom lines.

I thought the basis of the formation of this country was for God. They left oppression in England so they could worship God freely and form their new government based on His words. Equal and fair treatment for all, the Ten Commandments in action. It seems to have strayed far from that pathway over the years.

I just wish it could come back to that course. That it wouldn’t be too late for the huge changes that would actually DO something to help everyone. Not just gloss over it by putting unqualified people of different races in political seats, controlling them like puppets and call it progress. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards…God is giving the signs. Can we take of the blindfolds in time to see it? Can we help others to do that? That’s the challenge for me this year, I’m going to try to help as many people as I can to see Him…get to know that as “good” or as “bad” as the world is right now, it’s nothing in comparison to what God has in His destiny for every single person who open their heart to Him. (It’s not easy, but heck, I’ve never followed the rules, so why start now! 🙂 )

I hope that January 1 has found you and the fam well and happy! Take care and get ready, this year is going to bring us all some big surprises…strap in for the best ride in the park!

Talk with you tomorrow! Much love!


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