****For Some reason, the WordPress site is glitchy. I’ve posted and reposted this particular post from the 30th of December for days now and it won’t show up right! Sorry bout that, being out of order!******

My SIL is totally into the tree. I tried to get her out of the house to give my MIL a break and we ended up in an ornament shop (where she took the time to check EVERY SINGLE ONE OUT, we’re not compatible shoppers, LOL!) and I saw this one. It made me laugh! Nestled between the PB & J sandwich and a taco…I had to send R a shot of his fav food made into a tree ornament…I think he’d rather have it on a plate! It gets me thinking about her interpretation of things and how even though she’s Christian, we don’t “speak” the same language…we’ve gotten different versions of the message somehow. I think it’s really important to dial it all down to the meat of the matter (sorry, bad pun) and follow what the Word says. You know what I mean?

Along those lines, we were watching an episode of Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” last night about SPEAKING out your prayers to God. A rabbi was saying that the supernatural language of speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It’s not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. (I think a lot of non-believers think it is…) This is a direct language, even though we don’t understand it, in the voice of our spirit to the One who knows it. When you speak (in English, Hebrew,in any language) what you want to say or need to pray about to God, of course He hears it, but speaking in tongues is like speaking HIS language. You consciously aren’t aware of what you’re saying, but you’re letting your spirit speak through the Holy Spirit and not be influenced by your human conscience. This allows your real needs and emotions to be put forth to Him without your mind tripping you up. You don’t have to worry about what you’re saying, or if you’re praying “right”, because the Holy Spirit is helping you out. This is an amazing gift!

Sid was saying if you don’t have the gift of speaking in tongues and would like to, all you have to do is pray (in your language) to God and ask Him for it. Open your heart fully and let the Holy Spirit flow into you and through you. It will come, sometimes it takes time. Once it does, just keep doing it and let whatever comes out freely flow. Soon you’ll have it happen all the time! 🙂 I think it takes a little “untraining” time for your brain to kick off and let words and sounds that are unfamiliar to it come out of your mouth. Kinda like learning to “see” those 3-D scrambled images. You have to unfocus, untrain your eyes to see them. Once you can though, it’s so easy to get back into the right viewpoint and see them right away. I think speaking in tongues is similar. Your inner spirit knows the language, you’ve just learned a different one you use more often. Stake your claim on all the blessings and communication God wants you to have. Open a new level of communication with Him. If you haven’t tried it, try! 🙂

You know one thing that really makes you think about the voice of the spirit…babies. Think of how they “learn” to talk. Da-da-da…ba-ba-ba. (think of those adults around you you’ve heard speaking in tongues…same thing!) We say they’re babbling…maybe they are speaking the language that they came hardwired with. The one from God! The one of their true spirits. We “un-learn” them and teach them ours…hmmmmm. That makes you think, huh? 🙂

I hope that you’re having a great week! CAN YOU BELIEVE tomorrow is New Year’s Eve???? I’m ready to jump off the edge and into a new year filled with lots of surprises, blessings, and discoveries. You? I know you are, I can see it in your smile!
Be well and be safe, much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow!


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