Flipping the calendar usually makes people turn their ideas upside down as well. We all take advantage of the bright new start to do all the things we’ve neglected or put off over the past few years…I know, I know. It’s hard to look in there and really evaluate what you need to do. I’m there right along with you! 🙂

We went to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” this afternoon. I didn’t want to see it, Ben Stiller isn’t on my fav list. R picked it, and I’m SO glad! Ben wasn’t the regular Ben. The film wasn’t the usual film. In a word-


I loved that he chased a photographer around the world. (I won’t ruin it for you if you’ve not seen it yet) I loved that Walter found his inner free spirit and stopped living in his daydreams. I loved that in the end, the valuable message was follow your heart.

God puts a HUGE heart in each one of us. He makes it that way so we can find our way in this world to not only inspire others, but help them see that being truly free is LIVING FREE. The only way to have that kind of confidence and life that “jump off a cliff” feeling (without worrying about hitting rock bottom) every single day, to see every new day as a chance to help others and grow in our individual journey, is to be saved by Jesus Christ. He gives me the solid base I need to step up to the challenges that come my way, and step right over them to keep moving forward. He will do the same for you, too! All you need to do is ask Him for help, He’ll show you the way.

The movie isn’t religious in that sense, but it is inspirational all the same. Trust and faith are the underlying big ideas of the film-and identifying the ways you can bring more of that into your outlook in real life with God’s help-that’s the key to true happiness. 🙂

Go see it if you haven’t, I’d love to hear what you think!

I hope Saturday flew by with a handful of fun for you and yours! Talk with you tomorrow! Much love!


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