The morning I went out early to see some salmon (which I thought were in season, LOL) I didn’t end up seeing any. I really loved living in NorCal a couple of years ago…I think what I miss most is the connection to nature. The simplicity of just going out there with the lens and seeing something that God put on this Earth to inspire us.

Typically, I wear cold weather gear since I’m out early. Down vest, sweater, layers, boots, gloves without fingers. At Christmas time this year since we were up for a visit-I didn’t have a scrap of that. Jacket and boots of course. 🙂 It was about 30 (if I was lucky!) and my fingers were so cold I could barely work the shutter. I know better than to jack up the heat in the car and get the camera glass hot, then take it out in the cold. Fog. So no heat in the car.

I know I’ve been there and done that at the orange bridge over the American River with the frosted dry grass. I have a shot of that I like a lot…but for some reason, the discoballs came up and called me to capture them again. I have a weakness for sparkle. A love of natural light and the glitter it leaves…

While I was out there freezing, I enjoyed the silence. The solitude of the world that He put us in, surrounded by the weeds of the roadside. Something happens inside me then. It’s a like a trance of sorts. I can hear things clearly, those things in my heart. The world melts away-along with its “stuff”. I bet you have a place like that. A place you can call home and feel safe in. God gives us each a special place like that. 🙂 That, I think, is the grace that keeps us all going. The bit of hope that makes it all OK, no matter what they do to us, we’ve got an inner strength to count on. He puts it in there.

Don’t give up hope. No matter where you are, what you’re doing this minute, this week, this year…YOU CAN DO IT WITH HIS HELP! This is your time to not be scared of what someone close to you tells you you can’t do. The only “permission” you need is to follow what He’s telling you, listen to Him closely. He’s giving me this word for someone, I don’t know who, but I hope they see this. Leap.

He will always be there to keep the shutter finger just warm enough to capture the magic, wherever you find it.

This shot isn’t spectacular in any way. What it represents at my second glance is priceless. I’m so glad I’ve found my salvation in Jesus Christ. I know you feel the same way, we have to remember to SHARE that in everything we are. Show the world our most special side, and encourage them to make the same discovery…

I hope wherever you are tonight you’re happy and feeling on top of the world! I love that it’s midnight on a Thursday, the weekend is here-so get out there and feel your magic!!
Much love to you and your fam, talk with you tomorrow!


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