I’m ALL ABOUT THEM. Before you freak out, let me set it straight.

The actual gems, no way. Won’t even own one, let alone condone one. There are a million reasons for that choice, but this isn’t about that now.

The diamonds I’m in love with are the people, situations, living things, relationships, and even conversations I come across in my daily walk with God. Every single one of us, whether we know it or not, is either a fully and perfectly honed diamond, or we’re waiting for the situation to get that cutting and become one.

We get cut, shaped, polished and shine only when the perfect situation, timing, and master cutter work in sync. When we surrender ourselves to be worked on. When that happens, all of the beauty, simplicity, and power inside are revealed. Nothing can dull the shine, break the finished creation, or stop it from being perfect. Time and situations may dull the shine, but with a little cleaning and effort, that comes right back. That cutting is final. Nothing more needs to be done, as the maximum has been done!

God wants each of us, His precious gems, to be a pinnacle. A beacon of hope to shine for others, helping them find their way back home to Him. We begin on the piedmont, climbing and learning. Along the way, brushing against the trials and challenges that take a little of that unnecessary stuff off as we go. Near the top, when you can stand taller, take a breath, and see out over the distance, that’s when it happens. You become whole. The air clears and you can see out over the fray, thankful for nearing the end of the journey, but still bearing the scrapes from the challenges along the way up. Testimony to your journey to make it home.

Today I’m thinking of Dr. King. I love the shot I found of him smiling. Too often, we lose track of what people who touch our lives really looked like. If I’d been there, that would’ve been my keeper shot as well…one that captures the real man within.
Like anything precious, we may not immediately recognize it as being something or someone special or valuable-but it is. We know we’re drawn to it or them, that something different is drawing us in. It’s not until it leaves us that we figure it out.

We need to remember not just today, but every single day, that we’re all here on purpose. God made us each especially to do what He calls us to do. We’re priceless in His eyes. The task before us is to keep looking up, follow what He puts out there, and also not forget to ENJOY the life He’s put us in along the way. πŸ™‚ He wants us to be happy, so I’m not taking all the stuff that others throw at me too seriously. After all, I’m just working on my polishing! πŸ™‚

I hope that wherever you find yourself at this moment, literally and figuratively, that you’re happy and blessed! Tomorrow is a brand new chance to get it going the right way (if it wasn’t) and another chance to love what you’re called to do.


Much love to you and the fam, talk with you tomorrow!


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