I was just listening to a really great example of how we’re added to the tree of God’s people. Retah Mcpherson had a post that included the illustration and it really struck a chord in me…

We understand that when we accept Jesus Christ and become saved, we become part of His Holy family. A part of the chosen ones who allow His Holy Spirit to fill us and our lives here on earth. We leave behind our past lives, our sins, our shortcomings and begin to walk along a new path. A path directed by Him and His teachings. You become “grafted” into His chosen people, the Jews, and receive all that God would give them, even though you weren’t born in that place.

Retah was saying even Christians can be mislead and separated from that path by the lies of Satan. When this happens, it can make you a “wild” olive tree. Set apart from the grove of the grafted trees, the “whole” trees. The wild trees still produce fruit, but it’s usually small and sour. Not much meat to it. They have shallow roots and can be blown over by storms easily. Whereas the grafted trees, they grow deep roots. They’re firmly connected to the earth and draw nutrients and sustenance from their secure foundations to produce big, juicy, meaty fruits. They prosper and have a direct connection to the world, the very elements in it nurture them and help them grow up strong.

I thought this was a really nice metaphor for us, The Christians of the modern world. Growing up protestant, I was never taught about the power of the blood. Never told that the only truth there was, was in the Word. I didn’t learn about the significance of the Holy Spirit living inside you. I know I’m not alone. I thank God that I know better now! I’m still learning EVERY SINGLE DAY about the connections between Him and me, but I’m listening…really listening to hear His voice. I don’t want to be the wild tree…I want to continue to get my support and sustaining fuel from the pipeline that He opens in me through His grace and Holy Spirit. I hope you get something special from that example too, and that you can share it with someone as well! 🙂

I’m feeling the peace of things tonight and hope you are feeling well and that you’re blessed this week! Enjoy your holiday-relax and remember Dr. King…

Much love to you and the fam, wherever you call home! Talk with you tomorrow!


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