I heard on the local news last night that there was a big offshore swell coming in, just in time for Mavericks today. It was supposed to make 7′-9′ waves all up and down SoCal, so I thought I’d head over to Malibu to see if I could catch one without getting wet. I also got a couple of new SD cards with high transfer rate and wanted to see if they smoked as fast as they described. (They did!)

Cars lined the PCH, pretty much like usual, and lots of surfers were in the water, but no gigantic waves. Sometimes I see them, spraying the rocks and sending foam flying. Not too big today though, just kind of regular size. The light wasn’t too hot either, the pollution kind of hanging at the horizon line like a brown haze. πŸ™‚ No matter, it was still nice to get out for a few and hear the crashing water hit the sand. No matter how often I get down there, I’m always amazed at the scope of the ocean. It’s immense. God has done so many great things making this world, but that’s up there near the top of my fav list. (Along with coffee and dew in the morning light LOL)

I think I mostly went out there to decompress a little, have a coffee and recoup from the run I took this morning. It must have worked, ’cause I feel totally relaxed and ready for the weekend! You? πŸ™‚

Hope your plans are going along on schedule and there’s something fun lined up on your calendar this weekend! I don’t know yet what’s goin’ on here but I’m up for whatever comes around the bend…

Much love to you and yours, have a blessed evening! Talk with you tomorrow!


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