Laundry Angel

Laundry Angel

I’m so glad our dryer decided to take a day off today! I did a load of laundry and popped over to the laundromat across the street to toss it in the dryer. Normally I’d leave it and run an errand and come back, but today, I brought some mail to catch up on (yeah, a pile of the REAL stuff! LOL!) and was ready to sit for a few and check it out.

After I was three about 10 minutes, a lady comes up to me with the HUGEST smile. She has been working there, for I don’t know, at least 4 years, since the place opened. We used to go to this particular laundromat all the time, since it was coinless and brand new. (R loves those gigantic 5 load washers…) You know what? She actually remembered me!

We had a chance to catch up and talk for a few. She asked me if we still attended Lighthouse Church, (she lives around the corner from there, we saw her in the street and invited her to it years ago) man, she has a good memory! She also reminded me of the plant I gave her when we last saw her…that must be about 3 years ago. I admitted I didn’t remember it. She says she forgets things, but never things like that, when people are kind to her. Even though the plant is long gone, she still has the container. Amazing. I really don’t remember giving it to her, but I do remember her. She always had a nice word and a great smile. She made coming to do laundry a little nicer…

Funny, when I was leaving the house to run over there this morning, I was thinking of all the times I spent there. You know, I was there the day Michael Jackson died, I remember people buzzing about it in the laundromat. Weird. I also remember having to take time to slow down and sit for a few while things got clean. Really, it was a kind of coffee break, minus the coffee. Nothing to do but wait…and talk to the laundry lady I guess, LOL! Not much multitasking allowed in there…

I’m glad that dryer broke today. Seeing her made my day. When I mentioned her, even R remembered her! 🙂 Funny how you don’t have to really go far to find a bright spot in this world!

I hope your Thursday went well! Weekend’s just about here! I can’t wait, can you? You better take a minute and tell me all about your good times! 🙂

Much love to you and the fam! See you on the flipside!


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