R came across this video, and another about a South African lady who is sort of like the “horse whisperer”. She has learned (and began as a skeptic) about how to communicate and listen to animals. She gave the leopard a new lease on life after he was rescued from being abused in a European zoo. Helping others shouldn’t just be limited to people helping people.

The handler at the refuge was initially skeptical about what Anna could do with the cat. Something about the way the handler was so moved with how the lady was able to relay the message that Spirit (formerly Diablo) wanted to share with the him really grabbed me. The things she brought up that she wouldn’t have known before…it helped them see what he was all about. I think that it was amazing!

I don’t know about how anybody else feels about these kind of abilities, but I do know that God makes all of us here on earth-human and non-human. Makes sense that there is a way to identify and communicate with animals, even though they don’t speak outright. What do you think?

How many times have people had these experiences with their pets? People describe very complex and close relationships with the animals that share their lives. Just because they aren’t people, doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions, needs, or fears… 🙂 The bonds people share with animals are deep, I know you get what I’m talking about!

I’m glad you’re there to share stuff with, I’m glad we’re friends! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful middle of the week-hump day is here and it’s all water under the bridge now!

Much love to you and yours, peace! Talk with you tomorrow!

In case you’d like to know more about Anna, here’s her link:


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