Funny, this time of year, it always happens to me. No matter what, I get a really intense renewal of love for my hubby…don’t get me wrong, I love him every single day, but somehow the light around him looks different. Oh no, maybe it’s rose colored glasses! LOL! Whatever causes it, I’m along for the ride…

I think it’s the appreciation that gets sparked when I see that valentine stuff. Everything from cookies to steaks (his kinda candy, lol), I try to think of something that will get him to flash me one of those famous smiles…the thing that had me hooked from day one. You know what I mean…

I also know that even if you know it, you may not have that in your life. You will find that person. Pray about it specifically and just keep your eyes open, remember, great things are always where you wouldn’t expect them to be. Right next to you!

Believe me, it didn’t start out that way for me. (I’m not alone on this one!) I spent all my time from an early age, high school really, with someone who was not good for me. After so many years, I was strong enough, able enough to stop that train that was really headed off a cliff (on fire) and change my life. I think that makes what happens in my life now that much sweeter and I thank God for it, every single day. šŸ™‚

I’m still learning all the lessons that God throws my way along my journey through this life. He’s changed my vision. I don’t see anything in life the same way. I know that others have a similar testimony in their lives. It’s amazing to hear everyone’s stories about how He’s changed their lives!

I’m going to keep my new eyes, the ones I see the world and all that’s in it with. The ones God opened when He really showed me that my life wasn’t about me at all…that it was more about how I could help others and lift them up through Him. That’s a tall order, but I’m gonna keep tryin’ to fill it. šŸ™‚

I hope that today is going like a hot knife through some butter for you! I love that it’s Wednesday, half the week is done and we MADE IT THROUGH! Way to rock, my friend!
After my workout, I’m gonna have a coffee and think of a good surprise for my valentine…what are you getting up to? Send me some inspiration!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk with you tomorrow! XO!

Here’s a little jazz to get you in the mood…one of my favs!


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