Over the last couple of days I’ve been reading a couple of fitness magazines, mostly because I’m always looking for new “moves” to add to my repertoire. One of them had an article with a kind of Q & A with few of the girl olympic athletes.

That one surprised me. Well, surprised me AND made me feel ancient. (Everybody seems to be 18-28!) I don’t wish for younger days ’cause I still get around just fine for my advanced age 😉 , but it was an eye opener. For one, not all of these young women “fit” that “perfect” image society throws out there. Some have huge muscles in the lower half of their bodies, making them able to take the pounding of a ski slope at 80 MPH over moguls, go figure. Some have all the muscle in the upper body. Some admit to playing better on their game when they are at their heaviest. They’re not all supermodels. How refreshing that is!

Over and over again you keep hearing the same thing from all the women, no matter what the sport.

Be your best at what you love to do, and don’t worry about what other people think.

(That was the jist of it.) I’ve pretty much always subscribed to that philosophy, but I have my moments. I’m not obsessive, but I believe in fitness. You’ve gotta be able to move it, or you’re gonna lose it when it counts one day. I go big or go home in all I do. I’m all in! I know that a certain amount of that drive comes from me, from being physically able to keep going at it, but that the will to live life and enjoy it-well that’s God given.

Point to all this is, He gives us all the different talents and abilities to do really great things in this life. All of us have inside us a CHAMPION in one way or another-so USE IT and don’t apologize for being into something…who knows where it might lead you? Stope being afraid to try. You’re a warrior. Act like one and see what happens!

I am so glad that we’re connected and that I can call you friend! 🙂 I hope that today, HUMP DAY (WOO HOO!) finds you energized and ready to blast through the rest of this week into a jam packed weekend filled with what you love.

Much love to you and the fam! I hope you’re safely out of harm’s way if you’re living in storm central back East. I’ve got you on my mind and in my prayers.
Talk with you tomorrow! XO



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