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Such a beautiful day today! The vibe around here (at home and in out in town) was light, full of color, and just seemed like a surprise was always just around the corner. Everywhere I went today, people were wearing red or pink and carrying dozens of roses! It’s nice to see that even if the holidays are made up by the greeting card people, that folks get into celebrating togetherness at other times besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. šŸ™‚

God gives us EVERY day to love each other, not just today. We don’t need to buy cards, flowers, or write it in the sky to tell each other. We should just live that way! That’s my goal this year, to show more people more love. The love that He gives me, I’m gonna just let it flow through me and pass on. Peace to you, wherever you are!

No matter who or what you love today, I hope that you are feeling blessed, refreshed, and ready for the weekend! I’m so glad to call you friend! Much love to you and the fam tonight on this festive Friday!

Weekend, rock on! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

I asked R what the most iconic love song was, from any decade…he put this one right out there. Who knew?


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