The day has unfolded to be something I didn’t expect. Car care in the AM, (WAY too early, but we all know how that goes, if you don’t get in early enough…not finished today!) of course it’s always that when R is out on business. He swears I get taken advantage of every, single time. šŸ™‚

I also got into working on a short film, which will be fun. (I’m going into it feeling this way, since I’m working pro bono.) I love to help new folks get going in the industry, so I try to do some freebies when I can. Their energy gives me a boost and I hope that my experience provides a little insight…

I also got in time to go for a run, out of necessity, to get home from the car shop. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, for sure. All in all, it’s been a patchwork kind of day filled with paperwork and all kinds of things that seem non-connected.

Thing is though, as we already know, they are.

I love how eventually it will all make sense, the hodgepodge of stuff we all do in a day. Funny, isn’t it, when it all gels into this, “I am SO GLAD I did that!”, kind of moment. May come soon, may not, but eventually the truth comes free. That’s why I don’t mind funky days sometimes. Who knows where they will lead?

God is definitely like that. He has the plan for our lives, which of course we don’t know. Things happen along the way that seem good, bad, maybe even everyday-but in the scheme of things, they matter. Little shreds of building blocks that add up to a finished piece. I like it when I get enough to make a little window…let in the light and try to see down the path a bit!

I’m feeling very positive that today, something really amazing is going to cross my path. I hope the same thing happens for you!!!

Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY, my friend! Feels like we’re all learning something new this week… šŸ™‚

Much love to you and the fam! Talk with you tomorrow!

You probably saw this already…it made me totally smile!


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