Recently the weather here has been really screaming summer. Hot in the daytime, nice cool breeze at night…it has me wishing for some time to get out in the sun! Funny, when it is actually summer, it’s not my fav time of year. I like the cooler weather.

I especially like living near the coast because the marine layer creeps in and makes everything hush hush…a quiet little blanket of coolness. It calms me when that happens. I first remember it really grabbing my heart in San Luis Obispo when we spent a long weekend there…

Maybe it’s not all about the weather, but just about the life. Maybe it’s not about the mood, but the people you’re connected to. I’m thankful every single day I’m able to open my eyes and see out the window. It’s a challenge squeezing in all the stuff that needs to get done in a day, I bet you have the same problem!

I’m not complaining, but really just wrapping my head aroundJ how blessed we all are here in this country. I know I’m not alone, complaining about the weather, my bad hair days, and not having X, Y, or Z. When I saw this video, it really moved me. I was so slammed with emotion in seeing theirs, it was hard to not cry…this world is rough. Let’s face it, places of peace and kindness really aren’t all that common. When you find one, you just have to stop, enjoy it, appreciate it and thank God for it.

I’m learning and living every day. I know that you’re doing the same wherever you call home. We’re all family, and I’m so glad to be connected to you!

Much love to you and your fam! Hope you’re having a great week, hump day is here! Middle ground on that calendar page!
Talk to you tomorrow! XO


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