Emotions are tricky business. There are so many things you can touch, smell, sense, say, and do that can kind of convey how you’re feeling, but really-how can you bring all the things you can’t touch into the physical world and share them? Have we ever really been able to?

For some reason, I’m thinking of how you can get attached to a certain time and place to build a memory. You can remember the time of year, the weather, the music, the smells, the ambience-and even re-create that part. There’s the rub though, what about the WHY you felt that way about that time? Where does that plug in and make it real? Is it the heart that enables us to feel? Does it give us the power to add depth and emotion to our lives? Like the featured shot today. I remember when I took it and where, and what we were doing…I even remember asking R did he think the green lights looked better than the blue. (They are LED and change colors) What I like about the shot is, even though I remember all that, I mostly remember how I felt. Loved and happy to be with R. Curious but secure. Satisfied with the way all the pancakes are stacked. That’s a lot of stuff tied to just one picture of a fountain at a shopping mall! How does that work?

I think it has a lot to do with the heart. I know that everybody “loves” differently, but why? I’ve heard forever that women are “emotional” and men are “physical”. I get why they say that, but aren’t we all driven by our hearts, (deep down, even if we don’t say it LOL) to do the things we do, be with who we’re with, and live our lives the way we do? God created all of us with pretty much the same physical attributes. We each have a physical heart, but our spiritual hearts can be really different person to person…to me it has to be the same Creator, God, who made us that gives us the ability to use those hearts and experience emotion, sharing, service, and kindness. Without an example to follow like His, I know that I’d be lost in this place. It’s hard enough to drive around, let alone live in, without the “map”!

How about you? What do you think about it? Is the heart of the matter the physical one or the untouchable one? Is it the one we craft with the skills He gave us, or is it something deeper? Something woven into the very essence of our beings, our souls, that makes us able to thrive?

I’m still pondering… 🙂 but I’m at peace and feeling the love this afternoon.

I hope wherever you call home, that you and yours are having a fun Saturday! I’m looking forward to some coffee (!) and a movie…and maybe some ice cream… I’ll save you a scoop, but I’m not makin’ any promises!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk with you manana, yo!

Here’s one that always makes me smile! Where are my roller skates?


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