Wrapped a set today in Hollywood and on the way home, passed through Hollywood x Highland. The street was closed of course, the busy people were taking down the decorations from last night to get things back to “normal”. I don’t think this particular address can ever be called ordinary-for sure!

It’s just part of the workday here, and lots of people have jobs because of events like this. There’s a blessing in the sparkle for more than just the nominees and winners. 🙂

For me, being behind the camera, whether it’s the big one or the little ones is where I feel most inspired. Kudos to all those who have the courage to step out in front of that lens, that’s true grit! Now that Oscar is stored back in his garage for another year, we can look forward to making some new projects and keep all of the talented folk in this town working. 🙂

I hope wherever you are tonight, right now, that you’re doing something that you love. I hope you can feel His calling in your life and that you’re loving the direction He’s leading you. I know that He’s smiling on you at this very moment, pleased to call you family.

I’m also so happy to call you my friend, thank you for being there and listening to my ramblings as I learn and navigate this life! Much love to you and the fam!

Talk to you tomorrow, yo! XO

I don’t think there’s such thing as “ordinary” love…Love’s the one thing in this world that makes everything extraordinary!
But, Bono, yeah-he rocks!


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