chicken soup

chicken soup

R’s been down with a cold for almost 5 days now…he isn’t one to complain much, but I know he’s sick when he doesn’t want to do anything but sleep.

I made him another batch of chicken soup today and was thinking of the power of non-prescription medicine. Not all healing of course comes from doctors, drugstores, and little bottles. Sometimes it has to do with rest, love, and simply connection. In our house, healing always has to do with the power of God and prayer as well. 🙂 I know you get where I’m coming from.

There’s something wonderful about some good, old fashioned chicken soup. I don’t take time to make it often enough, but it’s worth doing when you’ve got someone who’s under the weather hanging out on your couch. The mojo, the Jewish penicillin is in the bones… 🙂 Here’s my recipe:

-1 whole, organic chicken, cut up-but save the back and ribs and wings for the pot

-a bunch of cut up carrots (about 2C)
-a bunch of cut up celery (about 2C)
-a whole yellow onion, diced

-a small bunch of fresh thyme
-a few peppercorns
-a few whole allspice
-a bayleaf
-sea salt to taste ( I use this grey French kind, Le Guerandais Gros Sel )
-Noodles, if you like them. (I use the manischewitz yolk free egg noodles, the wide ones)
-Fresh, clean water, 12 C

1. Cut up your chicken and place the back, wings, ribs, and one leg quarter in your soup pot. Place the breasts and the other leg quarter in a roasting pan.
2. Fill your stock pot with water to cover the bones by about 3-4 inches
3. Tie your peppercorns, thyme and allspice and bayleaf in a little cheesecloth. Toss in with the chicken and water.
4. Boil the pot and skim the foam for about 2 hours. Skimming the foamy scum off will make your broth pristine and clear.
5. Roast the chicken pieces in your oven with a little olive oil, S & P until cooked. (You’ll add them back into the finished soup later)
6.Chop up your carrots, celery, and onion.
7. Cook your noodles in a separate pot and once done, rinse in a colander with cold water to stop them from cooking further. (I add them into the bowl before I serve the soup, I don’t add them into the soup, it clouds the broth)
8. After the chicken is cooked in the water a couple of hours, discard it and the spice bag. (It’s meat won’t taste good, it’s given all it’s mojo to the broth)
9. Add in the veggies and boil for about 30 minutes.
10. Add in your cut up roasted chicken and your soup is finished! 🙂 Serve with some noodles and hug…

Well, I’m off to watch a little TV with someone who’s awake 🙂
Much love to you and the fam! I hope you are all well and healthy! I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


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