R is seeming to be makin’ it through, I don’t know if it was the chicken soup or not, but thank you for keeping him in your thoughts. 🙂 I know he’s feeling a little better, because he actually ate a whole sandwich today! On the mend!

I’m really in the mood for spring this past couple of days. I can’t wait to see the flowers in NorCal next week, I know I get in a rut shooting them, but I can’t stop. The light, that natural light, the way it just sneaks up and kisses the lens. That golden, hazy, morning light. I love to capture that moment! It’s gonna be a nice break from the last few busy weeks here, for sure.

I can always count on nature and the outdoors to settle my soul. The wind and the sun just seem to seep in there and make me whole again. People say that God works in mysterious ways…I have to agree. Supernatural ways…He sends a little hope, a bit of peace, just when you need it. Keeps me movin’ on and going forward. You? 🙂

I hope that hump day has you feeling optimistic and looking forward to the downhill slide into the weekend! Wherever you are, good weather is sure to be on the way. I’ll save you a spot on the carousel! I call dibs on the purple one!

Much love to you and the fam! Have an awesome night and I’ll talk with you tomorrow! XO


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