I don’t have a really “favorite” color, there are too many great ones to choose from…but if I had to pick, yellow would be near the top of the list. There’s just something so bright and happy about it, it always makes me smile! (Except for yellow traffic lights, they make me nervous, and yellow mustard. Yuck! LOL)

We were talking today about future plans, and we’re really excited about all the possibilities that we’re thinking of this year. Big changes, but doing something you really want to do, that you’re called to do-that’s a big leap off a cliff in faith. Seems that’s been happening a lot since I’ve come to be with R. I’ve really spent time listening to God and following His agenda for my life. R is a huge part of that plan, and I’m not fearing anyone or anything because I’m rooted in His light. 🙂 It’s a really awesome feeling to be free and just in a state of anticipation for what comes next, no matter what it is and where it leads! I know you understand where I’m coming from…and that you’re right there too. Thank you for that support, my friend!

Yellow is part of that rainbow that comes when the sun shines through the last bits of rain. Kinda like the hope and inspiration that God sends you when you’re getting to the point when you need a little push…maybe that’s why I love yellow after all! You never know when or where He’ll send you some peace and inspiration…which makes it so special.

I hope your Saturday is going well, whatever you’re up to! It’s not over yet, so keep having fun until you just gotta take a nap 😉 !

Much love to you and the fam! Talk with you tomorrow! XO


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