I’m not sure what motivates and inspires you…

Music? Sunlight? Pressure? Working out? Deadlines? Art? Creating things? People? Collaboration? About a million things run around in there…maybe it’s a combination of all of that?

I guess you could spend all your time chasing the cause, or really you could just stop and say you’ll go with it. Run with it. Believe it and in it. Move forward with the purpose being only to find out where the road goes around that bend you can’t see. 🙂 Find those connecting shortcuts and see a new view!

I was talking about pathways and making your way in the industry yesterday to a girl who’s moving forward but needs to pump the brakes on for a sec to be sure she’s going where she’ll do best. Comes down to it, life isn’t about titles and rates, it’s about being happy who you are, where you are and doing what you love. Take off and don’t look back, but while you’re flying, keep your eye on the horizon and your inner stuff rooted firm in something stable. (my parachute is God’s promise of love and safety 🙂 ) I’m learning that every time I jump, if I don’t think too much about the world’s response-I’m more my inner “me” than ever. That’s a revelation I can feel every minute of the day, and without the influence of the Holy Spirit in me, I’d fly right past it!

I hope today has been a rockstar so far! I’m gonna finish some paperwork and get out there and get my run on…thanks to Rob Moses for a boost of morning inspiration with his new shoe view!

This one totally rocks! Love, after all is the heart of the matter, huh?

Much love to you and the fam! Have a fab one and talk with you tomorrow! XO


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