Today was a day full of stuff that didn’t seem to go together at all, but honestly made a balanced mix. Started out shooting wildflowers and ended up cleaning up Aiko’s garden! Somewhere in between I did a paleo/running workout and reassured a few neighbors, the pool guy, and the mailman she was coming home soon. 🙂 it’s so wonderful to know that people look after her when we can’t. Tonight, even though my back is sore, my faith in humanity is higher than it’s been in days…

I’m gonna sprinkle some cosmos seeds in her side garden and wait for her to notice…I can’t wait to her her voice on the phone when she says, “did you plant flowers for me???” ( you gotta say it again, with a Japanese accent and a smile on your face, then you’re almost there…) That’s a moment worth holding out for, for sure.

I know your day flew by too! Can you believe we’re already headed into hump day? Halfway through! We can do it! Have a peaceful evening, God bless you and the fam!

Much love to you, talk with you tomorrow! (Can’t wait for that either!)



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    YES! Definately the Japanese accent the way only you can do it!! Aww miss you!! Hope your enjoying your time!!


    1. It was SO GREAT chat with you today! Roosters and all… Miss you, yo!


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