Sandwich #8


I was just waiting at the deli counter for a sandwich, and an older gentleman walks up and waits beside me. The menu board is pretty huge, with the normal “gourmet” stuff, probably 20 choices. Tri-tip to veggie panini, there’s something there to please anyone. (You know me, I was focused on taking shots of the cakes!)

When he lady asked him what he’d like, he said, “I dunno, my wife just told me to come down here and get a sandwich…I’m retired military and I eat whatever’s put in front of me.” I laughed, the lady making my sandwich smiled. I turned to him and said something about there being a lot of choices up there, he smiled and just called out, “8, whatever 8 is. I’ll just pick a number.”

He was really good natured, he explained that he and his wife have been married 46 years, (46 years!) and that while he was in the army, he was gone 9 months outta the year. He went on to say that he was blessed to have a wife that’d hang in there with him, and that everyday he was home was like a holiday…how sweet is that?

In this world, I’m so inspired when I meet people who’ve made it through, kept their sanity and smile-all due to having God’s influence and grace on their lives. It seems I come across more and more people who believe in the power of faith. Have you noticed that in your daily life too? Man, that boosts my hope all around for sure!

I know you’re well and ready for the weekend! WooHoo! FRIDAY is finally here and the weekend is wide open! I bet you have something great planned, and if you don’t, DON’T put it off! Get out there and have some fun!!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk with you tomorrow! XO


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