Summer has got to be just around the corner! I noticed these lemon plates and it got me thinking of those long, easy nights watching firefly rise up out of the tall grass. There’s just something about that dark sky filled with stars that makes me feel so small, but so close to God. đŸ™‚ Did you ever look up at the sky and think that same thing?

I saw this episode of Sid Roth’s – “It’s Supernatural” the other day, where a doctor and Sid were talking about how heaven and earth are very close together. They’re separated only y a “veil”, thin as a shadow. If you were worrying about some long lag time between getting there and passing on from this world, it’s the time between your last breath on earth and the next one you take is in heaven! That is definitely supernatural! (amazing and comforting at the same time, too!) I know you’re not worried about passing on…but that is a beautiful assurance you can pass on to anyone who is…

I hope today has you feeling energized and blessed! It’s already middle of the week, and I know you’re in the groove! Have a great day!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow… XO!


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