We went on a drive last weekend way up to Adelanto to check out something for our new venture, and passed Vasquez Rocks on the way home. I’ve always been fascinated by geology and have “collected” specimens my whole life. I think rocks represent strength and foundation to me, like the one we have in God and His word. They’re permanent reminders of creation…fascinating and awesome. Auspicious, dangerous, and thrilling all at once…something we just can’t “build”. Signs that there is indeed a hand bigger than us.

These rocks are pretty famous, I guess ’cause most every time the original Star Trek series was shot, it was here. Good old Captain Kirk had to fend off his aliens here…that’s pretty cool! I bet “Land of the Lost” (remember that show?) had some stuff done here too…

I like that now, on a regular day, you can see people climbing on them. Enjoying a Saturday afternoon, checkin’ out the view from a little bit higher. Nothing like the view from ground level. Now I kinda understand why for centuries people have wanted to fly like eagles. 🙂

Oh yeah, you know I couldn’t resist….I like the Seal version, but R, he says stick to the ‘ol school…

Hope your weekend is off to a fab start! Hot! Hot! Hot! Up in here, yo! Stay cool and chat with you tomorrow! XO


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