I’m in the middle of a PILE of paperwork and usually, when I have that avalanche, I put on the headphones and listen to all the music that piles up in my inbox as well…(win-win, have fun and get it done at once!) Makes me dread paperwork a teeny bit less.

Usually I just rate the songs and if they’re really good, they’ll get in the “repeat one” mode for a few. Here’s one that just got the nod…the girl reminds me of my high energy, fast dancin’, college roomie…instantly I can’t stop smilin’! She had neverending energy to for fun and life. Always an inspiration that girlie! Do you have people in your life like that? Friends like that, that can make you smile 20 years later, are a blessing.

Hope Monday is flying by breathlessly for you, it’s almost in the can! WooHoo! C’Mon Tuesday!

Rock on and fly high, and remember, SOMEBODY LOVES YOU!! (He always will!)

Much love to you and the fam! Have a nice one, my dear! XO



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    I always love your music choices!!! Coffee soon I hope!!


  2. Delilah · · Reply

    Plus you need to meet Miss Athena.. so I am thinking a Friday!!!


  3. LOL! Why thanks! (You and me must be of the same cloth, ’cause nobody but you loves my music! Haha!)
    Hopefully a Friday soon, would love to meet that girl!!


  4. 🙂 Yes, soon, I hope! Things are gettin’ busy up in here, but I’ll get over that way to visit. 🙂


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