You know, today I did some headshots and got to thinking about all the people over the years who’ve been in front of my camera. (whether they wanted to be or not lol) I find people interesting as subjects, but mostly I’m looking for that moment that they are uniquely themselves. That split second when they are elementally who they are, no pretense, no veneer.

Then I’m feeling I did them justice. Not an easy thing to do with people, but I tell you what, you know it when you see it. The light comes through and the spirit is left. Phenomenon? Maybe, but I really think it’s about God. He’s the one who made us and every living spirit on this planet…that’s what’s shining through in any beauty we capture…the real spirit within.

Today I’m celebrating your uniqueness, your spirit, your inner love. I know that you’re sometimes hiding your wonderful inner self like a secret, but you shouldn’t! Let everyone around you see how gorgeous you are. (not just on the outside!) You’re a blessing to this world and you inspire me!

Much love to you and the fam, I hope your week starts off like butter! Talk to you tomorrow! XO


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