Man. This has been a wild kind of couple of weeks! Has time suddenly gone on fast forward for you? Sure has around here.

We’re working on launching a new business and have been literally running around like mad people. I love that every day we get a ton done, but it’s totally exhausting. I know you’ve had the same kind of deal at some point…how did you survive it? Tips?

Somewhere today in between a couple of new tires on a trailer, running across busy highways with salads and caster wheels, really raving over an Americano made at a gas station, and a marathon trip to the welder and the Home Depot I had a moment of clarity. (Prob an intervention from above, LOL) I got the feeling that everything is going to continue to fall into place, but the message of the moment is that I need to CHILL OUT before I burn out. I’m such a multi-tasker that I can freak out over the details I need to get done (in the way I see them ending up) and end up getting nothing done but going backwards and creating more problems for myself. Only when I settle down and let a little compromise in, do I totally see the progress that’s been made. We’re building a big thing together here, and I’m so blessed to have R by my side through it all. He’s really a force of calm in my storm of stuff. (OK, I’ll admit it, he may be a “voice of reason”, but I’ll never let him know it, LOL 😉 )

Since that tiny moment of clarity, I’ve been more relaxed than I’ve been in a few weeks. I’ve had time to look back a sec and see that we’ve done waves of work and have come very far in a short amount of time. God always takes over and like that email from nowhere, pushes the right things at the right time into my pathway. I’m gonna make sure I continue to take time to notice and smell those roses, like the ones I found at Wholefoods this afternoon. Transition is never easy, nobody ever said it would be, huh? I’m makin’ it through, I hope you are too-whatever your gig is!

Blessings. Appreciated and thankful for each and every single one of them tonight. YOU, my friend, are counted among those treasures. Much love to you and yours, talk with you tomorrow-I gotta get some sleep! XO



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    I love that CHILL OUT before I BURN OUT.. ohh mija that is sooo me all the time!! If you need anything.. Big J and I are here for you guys!!! We are good at multi tasking and getting things done. 🙂 cant wait to see you!!


    1. Miss you guys! Sorry to also be MIA this past weekend, lots going down at once… 🙂
      Hope you all are well, and watch out what you volunteer for( 😉 LOL!)
      Much love to you guys! See you soon!


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