I’m not sure if it’s a word, but I love “calorific”. 🙂

Can’t believe that SUMMER has finally arrived! Glad. You?

On a more serious note, I’m feeling grateful for all of our servicemen and women and their families- you’re on my mind, and I’m sorry it takes a “holiday” to put you front and center. R and I both have Air Force, Marines, and some Navy in our families, so we can identify with life on that end, for sure. (R served in the Navy himself!). Yours is not an easy choice, but giving back is something everyone I’ve met who made it was proud to do. Like breathing, they just do or did it. They don’t ask for thanks, don’t complain about the tasks at hand, they just answer the call. Inspiration to me, for sure. God bless you all.

That’s the amazing thing about callings. They’re so individual and private. Messages from God that help guide us to the ultimate life we’re to share with everyone around us. 🙂 I hope you’re happy with your pathway, that you’re shining bright-wherever you are on this big, blue planet!

Much love to you and the fam! Don’t forget to save me a REAL hotdog this weekend, I’m telling you, there’s nothing like one of those babies hot off a grill!


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