I just actually read my email…before you fall off your chair, wait for it…my “junk” mail. I found a gem!

See’s is one of my fav candy shops. Not because some of their candy is amazing, (R is laughing, ’cause the one word he describes it with is “meh” 😛 I totes have my favs there!) it’s because it’s the only place that still takes time to make their product look as special as it tastes, without an outrageous price tag. Every time you visit, a kind lady in the cutest retro uniform offers you a free sample of something wonderful (or you can pick what you already love) and you can pick a box or just two pieces that will make your day.

I saw this email and clicked on the picture of Theresa. 32 years she’s been blazing that amazing smile and loving her life. I tell you what. Something about seeing her picture and hearing her bio makes me love the place even more. Something about knowing that people like that work there warms not only my tummy, but my heart.

Lately I’m really embracing traditional values in everything that touches my world. From my own everyday life and the stuff I let touch it, to my fledgling business and it’s beautifully simple and wholesome product, it’s mattering to me. It’s about not just product quality, but life quality. I’m gettin’ back to my roots. Returning to basics in all areas of my life, and it feels awesome!

Hoping your Thursday went off without a hitch and you’re sailing into FRIDAY with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face!

I’ve never done this before, but if you’re reading this and you reply with something uplifting to share about what gets you smiling, I’ll pick the best two responses and send you a few See’s limited edition DOUBLE CARAMELS! They come out only once a year and when they’re gone, you’re sad…
Love you, friend! Talk to you tomorrow! XO and be blessed!


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