I find myself often wanting to “get away” from the craziness of stuff, and end up lowering my blood pressure by going higher. Something special happens in those twisty, turning, switchbacked roads that lead to nowhere but two places.

1. A blank canvas that overlooks the ocean (or sometimes a ravine) or 2. A whole bunch of gated, priceless homes that are probably inhabited by senselessly happy rich people. (Or down to earth poor people, now that they bought that house! LOL)

I’m not sure if they are happy or not, and don’t waste time on thinking about it. What I do know after all these years is that money doesn’t make you happy. Totally, it will purchase things to make life more worryfree, and that may ease your stress about whatever it is that bothers you-and that may indeed put a smile on your face. (That’s the best part, money will “buy” you time. With that time, you can do more of what you love.)

I’ve never been one to wish for millions and lots of stuff. What I do hunger after is a life that lets me be free to be just me and to surround myself with people who feel the same way. I love to help others and give people ways to make their dreams come true. Any problem I can solve to help make more people happy like that, I’m thinking on it! 🙂 That’s I guess a way to give things back that God’s blessed me with.

He’s right. It’s time to start believing-oh yes-believing who you are, a shining star…

I hope this Monday has you feeling confident and ready for whatever this week throws at you! Go for it! I wish you much peace and love-talk with you tomorrow, my dear! XO



  1. Delilah · · Reply

    You always pick those Jams… have a great day!!!


  2. I wish I was a radio personality…I could totes dig that job! You do the same! XO


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